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 •  Evergreen tree trimming

 •  Deciduous tree trimming

 •  Height reduction

 •  Fertilization

 •  Dead wood removal

 •  Storm damage removal

 •  Oak tree injections

A healthy tree is a happy tree, and keeping your property looking great means calling the professionals at Curtis Thompson's Tree Service to take care of your trees for you. Don't let an inexperienced arborist kill your evergreen - contact us today.


Choose a member of the National Arborist Association to handle your tree care needs.

Get help from specialists who work with native trees.

Keep your evergreens looking good

If you're not sure how to care for your trees, you don't have to feel like you're letting them down. Call Curtis Thompson's Tree Service at 316-262-8724 to speak with a professional about the problems you're having, and how to solve them.

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Whether you have a small pine that you want to grow large, or a huge oak that you're worried will drop branches on your house, we have the experts who can help care for your trees.

Call and ask about our fast, affordable service.


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