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Chlorosis can be caused by many factors:

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 •  An iron deficiency in the soil

 •  A nitrogen or protein deficiency

 •  Poor water drainage

 •  Damaged root systems

 •  Harmful pesticides

 •  Herbicides and weed killers

 •  Incorrect soil pH

After an oak injection, keep us around if you'd like us to inspect your other trees or help with general tree care. If you'd like a tree removed from your property, ask us about our affordable debris removal services.


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Are the leaves on your oaks yellowing?

A common problem for pin oak trees in Kansas is leaf chlorosis, which is a yellowing or paling of the leaves.  A tree can be entirely affected, or it may be only partially affected, with some branches appearing completely normal.

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If a pin oak on your property has bright green, orange, or yellow trees in the spring, call us immediately. Without a professionally applied iron injection, your tree may wilt and die.

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