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Do you have a tree emergency?

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 •  Non-emergency damage:

This damage is caused by a fallen tree in your yard. As long as everyone is safe, the tree can be cut up once the storm is over.


 •  Emergency damage:

This happens when a tree falls on a home, car, or power line. Get to a safe place and do not attempt clean up until authorities okay it.

When your storm damage is cleared up, let us know if you need help taking care of the trees you have left. Feel free to take advantage of our oak tree injections and contact us today.


Call the storm damage experts who are members of the National Arborist Association.

Remove storm damaged trees faster with us.

Don't let a fallen tree destroy your home

If a tree falls in the forest, it usually doesn't bother anyone. But a tree falling on your home is a serious problem. If a storm is heading your way and you have a large, old tree that you're worried about, call us before the storm knocks it down.

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If a branch or a tree has already fallen on your home, don't panic. Call the experts at Curtis Thompson's Tree Service to have it cut up so you can start restoring your home.

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